Credit: Trung Dung Nguyen  I have a confession to make. I moved to Montreal in 1999, one year before MUTEK took the city and the festival scene by storm, and, in sixteen years, I have only managed to go to a handful of its amazing shows – mostly to the Saturday nights held at Metropolis where… Continue reading MUTEK 2016 IN REVIEW

Maayaan Nidam & Julia König / MUTEK Interview

The collaboration between Israeli-born, Berlin-based DJ/producer Maayan Nidam and Cologne-based artist Julia König explores the marriage of deep, intricate rhythms and the hypnotic potential of the human voice. Nidam’s diverse production skills (displayed on two albums and several EPs on labels such as Perlon and Cadenza) and sonic explorations harmonize with König’s interest in speech… Continue reading Maayaan Nidam & Julia König / MUTEK Interview