Cydux – Teamwerk [Cosmic Resonance]

Bubbling under the bog water comes a murky oneiric vision from an astralopithecus… a primitive psychonaut lost in a realm of their own creation. The result is a collection of spring peepers to keep you aerated and elated. A miasma of plasmatic echoes prepared with care over many blood moons. Cydux, the alter alias of… Continue reading Cydux – Teamwerk [Cosmic Resonance]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Inner Touch – Dripping [Cosmic Resonnance]

Cosmic Resonance, a vinyl imprint at the forefront of Toronto’s burgeoning underground dance community returns, this time with 100% Gone, the debut EP of fellow-Torontonian Inner Touch aka Nicolas Field. Having been heavy involved in the punk scene, Field manages to keep a distinct sense of that energized emotion constant as Inner Touch – swapping… Continue reading EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Inner Touch – Dripping [Cosmic Resonnance]