EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Inner Touch – Dripping [Cosmic Resonnance]

Inner Touch - DrippingCosmic Resonance, a vinyl imprint at the forefront of Toronto’s burgeoning underground dance community returns, this time with 100% Gone, the debut EP of fellow-Torontonian Inner Touch aka Nicolas Field. Having been heavy involved in the punk scene, Field manages to keep a distinct sense of that energized emotion constant as Inner Touch – swapping guitar riffs and snarling vocals for spacey synthesized textures and hypnotic drum sequences. Inner Touch carefully and creatively evokes a hidden longing for solace and self-discovery, something Field credits as driving elements for 100% Gone.

From the onset of 100% Gone, the listener is immersed in a buoyant, dreamlike soundscape. The EP begins with Dripping, and an immediate introduction to the electronic rabbit hole. A 4×4 kick drum cuts through the haze created by cosmic synth textures. Well executed percussion offers enough space for the deceptively deep and robust pads. Robotic sounds wisp through the mix, fluidly decentralizing the listeners focus to elements on the perimeter of the track.


The video documents a solo psychedelic excursion across a remote island in Northern Ontario, captured on 8 mm film by Chavin Martel during the summer of 2018. The footage lay dormant until 2020, when it was edited to be released alongside Dripping