PREMIERE : Subjoi – IDK [Heart to Heart]

Western Canada’s underground scene has begun to shine and perhaps one of the brightest lights of the movement is the vinyl label, Heart to Heart Records. Keeping things in the commonwealth, label heads Bron and Secret Lover have tapped Aussie breakout Subjoi (soundcloud) for their next release.

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A long time coming, HTH008 has already taken the internet by storm with the A1, a cheeky lo-fi rework of Kristine Blonds Love Shy, amassing almost a million plays on YouTube since its posting last year by Slav. As we’ve come to expect from Heart to Heart, the curation proves strong through all four tracks, with each cut showcasing different aspects of tastes shared by both the artist and the label. And although this is possibly the label’s most approachable release, it stays true to their ever-growing catalog of versatile, stripped back dance music.

On the premiere, we’ve got IDK. A crunchy acid jam with slamming drums and an infectious vocal line. The thunderous kick is simultaneously relentless and hard to pin down as it thumps along under chord stabs and distorted hats — frequently interrupted with one-off fills and cuts. This adds a lot of interest and gels well with the unpredictable structure of the track that stays true to its name. About halfway through, things start to hit the rave and an acid line trickles in before becoming the focus of the track. The vocals keep the track grounded and relatable as it stomps along at an exhilarating 134BPM, leaving the listener unintentionally breathless by the song’s end.


Adam Johan