PREMIERE : Subjoi – Glowworm [Houses in Motion]

Melbourne-based Houses in Motion are back with their fourth solo artist EP after taking a short break following their first ever various artists compilation release earlier this year. Sticking to their ethos of releasing music from local artists, this time they’re looking to welcome a fellow Aussie in Adelaide-based Subjoi (soundcloud), who has been making waves of his own lately. Coming off of his most recent and extremely well-received release on Canadian label Heart to Heart entitled Love Shy, he presents an equally strong showing with Flashing Lights EP for Houses in Motion.

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Usually known for tougher, upbeat drums and catchy vocal samples, he doesn’t stray far from his formula for success thus far on this release. Our premiere, however, and the B1 on the record, ‘Glowworm‘ takes a bit of a different direction. The drums, although still rugged-sounding with Subjoi’s usual lightly tinged lo-fi flare, seem a bit more subdued here. The galloping rhythm and warm chords make the track feel slower than it actually is as the tempo is still very much in club territory. The tasteful use of understated breath samples paired with delicate keys and bewitching electric guitar help make this production just as good for an afternoon of easy listening as it would be in an opening set, or perhaps at the end of one. Glowworm is the clear standout here for us and this is a direction we hope to see Subjoi pursue more in the future.

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