Steve Michael – Positive Attitude

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Steve Michael has been an active participant in the local electronic music scene for nearly a decade. He has contributed to some of the most influential event series, including Hausgemacht and Kein Sonntag Ohne Techno. His latest endeavor is a multi-art platform known as Vienna’s Filthiest, which also functions as a record label.

Steve excels in mixing genres, blending various styles of house and breakbeat across multiple publications. His passion lies in exploring music, studying styles from both the past and present, and fusing new ideas to create synthesized forms of new songs that are perfect for dancing.

His latest release, “POSITIVE ATTITUDE” features a heavy piano riff accompanied by a driving hard house groove and bassline. Having been a club favorite throughout 2023, he has decided to officially release the song. “POSITIVE ATTITUDE” serves as a reminder that, regardless of life’s challenges, maintaining a positive outlook can elevate you and propel you forward. As you listen to this track, allow this message to resonate and inspire you.


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