PREMIERE : St. David – Fools Jam [Let’s Play House]

st. david - fools jam

Any label that spurs from a successful party series is a label destined for good things. Heck, any label with a name like ‘Let’s Play House’ (LPH) is also more than likely to do pretty damn well. Over the years, co-directors at LPH, Jaques Renault and Nik Mercer have consistently handpicked rare tunes of both the house and disco persuasion, to show the world.

Today is no different, with the release of St David’s ‘Fools Jam’ EP.  St David (soundcloud), real name Davide Disanto hails from the south of the Italy, most likely crafting his crisp 90’s house sounds in some enviable, sun-soaked location. From what we know of St David, he has a self-confessed obsession with Chicago dance, AKAI MPC controllers and swinging old school beats. Fool’s Jam as it’s appropriatley titled is party from start to finish. Not one of those insane, sweaty events but rather a refined poolside occasion. The ”Fools Jam” immediately set’s this very mood, mellow synth tones underpin the snare, as the Italian slides in a vocal wisp to kickstart this EP on it’s merry way. The tune in question, the ”Night Lovers”, stirs things up a notch, without getting too hype. Founded on a Euro kick and rising synth notes, this number really takes hold when the vibraphone enters the fray. Wait and you’ll see![soundcloud url=”” /]

As we reach the B-side, the sun’s now setting below the horizon and in my mind everyone’s boogieing half-naked poolside. Big keys take centre stage, married well with squelching bass as the Italian really ramps things up! The final tune ”La luna’’ is a fitting farewell to this luxury pool do like a warm hug goodbye or a pleasant ‘i’ll see you soon’ from your hosts. Here’s a track that should simply encourage you to sway and after an afternoon of cutting shapes and sipping daiquiris, I can see no better action to take. Anyway, it’d be what Disanto would want you to do!

If you haven’t already, be sure to affiliate yourself with the LPH imprint. Already pressing records for the likes of Project Pablo, Earth Boys and Baldo you can gauge this family have quite the taste in dance records.