SPO – Viaje Literario Edit Almeria 2019 [Tropical Animals]

rave in the cave
At the forefront of Florence’s electronic music scene since 2010, Tropical Animals’ standout taste in club bookings was bound to lead to the formation of a label. Launched in 2018, and calling on past guests and local talent alongside friendly faces from a variety of scenes, they’ve quickly cemented their position as a bastion of intriguing, textured dance music. As this compilations name suggests ‘Rave In The Cave Vol.1’ is a subterranean collection of hard-hitting dancefloor cuts brought forth by a selection of their extended family.

The 10 track comp is laced with galactic offerings that retain a sense of real world rawness, from Nero Zang’s ‘Akasha’, to Mystic Valley’s ‘First Sight’ – the former a ritual dance between extraterrestrial arps, acid stabs and shamanic drumwork, the latter causing seismic shakes through 303 squelches and eerie vocal samples. Elsewhere, Gaiden’s ‘Star Seeker’ provides a sensory onslaught of thunderous acid bass tones, hyperspace arpeggiators and twisted vocals, built for big systems.

Captivating techno cuts are also conjured up from the depths. ​Two key sacrifices – the cutting claps, and mesmerising bleep sequences of Elisa Bee ‘Spiritual Movements’, alongside the b​ionic vocal loops and metallic, techy rhythms on ​The Analogue Cops ‘TAPETWENTYTWO’. Rising up, Michael Byrne unleashes ‘Babatti’, a breaks heavy number that swells with atmospheric pads and driving basslines, as Ricardo Baez presents a relentless, rising web of refrains and synth melodies in ‘Loco por la techno’ featuring Lonely Dancer​.

Other rumblings from the underground see ​Ennio Colaci serve up a Detroit-leaning house number, ‘White Land’​ with it’s ​crunching metallic drums and ​underwater gargles, as The Cyclist makes a second appearance for the label contributing a gritty, lo-fi techno payoff, Mantras Lost’, ​spliced with warped vocal snips and pulsing pads. Closing out proceedings SPO drops ‘​Viaje Literario Edit Almeria 2019​’ an EBM infused Italo bomb, heavy on the crunching synths and interspliced chatterings that rounds off this exquisite display of gritty, club-ready workouts. Essential cave-dwelling business.

10 tracks, 10 artists, a whole host of local talent, mixed with a smattering of world class, international producers that form one combined Tropical Animals family, epitomising a vibe they’ve carefully been nurturing for nearly 10 years.