Souleance – Disco Séga [Pure Vida Sounds]

Souleance - Disco Séga [Pure Vida Sounds]French label Heavenly Sweetness, known for releasing the likes of David Walters, Blundetto, El Gato Negro and Souleance have decided to release a compilation of their previously released 5 maxi-singles under the Pura Vida Sounds umbrella. The label realized that despite all of the different cultural connections and the differences of sounds within the music itself, all of the tracks belonged together as one compilation and needed to be listened to in one shot. Part of the reason for it is that without advanced planning, all of the music was sung in either French or Creole.

Today we are offered a present of warm wind during our late fall in the chilly northern hemisphere. We’re happy to share one of the songs from the compilation with you, an edit from Souleance of “Disco Séga” by Dominique Mingui & Dera Rakotomavo. One of the more humid cuts on the release, this modernized rework calls us back to the pre-pandemic parties on the beach which we miss oh so much.

The rest of the compilation is not to be missed either with cuts from David Walters, Izem, El Gato Negro, Pat Kalla, Souleance and hot remixes from the likes of Bosq and Patchworks as well! For lovers of afro-tropical sounds and humid cuts, be sure to tune in to the rest and grab your copy of this lovely compilation.

Buy it.

Igor B.