Sosky – Overcrowded Vacuum [Polena Recordings]

Polish label Polena Recordings continues to pick up the pace. Their 7th release comes from Sosky, a fellow Pole, just like all of their artists, and he’s also a RBMA New York alumnus. Already releasing the label’s second EP back in 2018, Sosky is back with his debut full length album, a first for the imprint run by Jaromir Kaminsky as well. “Delicious Depression” is the 7th release in their catalogue and is a vibrant 8 piece affair.

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Today we are premiering the closing track and in our opinion, the standout piece on the album, ‘Overcrowded Vacuum’. An infectious sampled groove combines with an arpeggiated lead to form the meat and potatoes of the track, with subtle additions to accentuate the best bits. The source material is key here, as it is in any sampled work, but the ability to build around it and actually enhance the piece in a creative way is a task that not all producers are able to live up to.We will continue to watch both Sosky and Polena as they carry on developing their sound and the sound of Poland’s house music scene, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Transatlantyk made a big splash several years ago. Be sure to grab your copy from the label’s Bandcamp.