Solar Suite – Field of View [Echocentric]

If you have not been keeping tabs on the burgeoning club scene of Melbourne, you have truly been missing out on some of the most forward-thinking, self-reliant producers in electronic music today. Unlike the established communities of Berlin, London, or even New York City, Melbourne’s music is relatively new and coming to life before our very eyes. I believe the thousands of miles that separate the city from traditional music hubs have created a DIY attitude amongst its artists – forcing them to rely on themselves and what they absorb from the internet to develop their signature sound.

Although it’s difficult for us to describe what that “sound” is, the lads over at Echocentric Records have set out to capture it through their upcoming three-part vinyl series that aims to dig deeper into the Australian underground by showcasing its emerging talent. Titled Musica Australis Incognita, this phrase roughly translates into “Unknown Music From The South” and plays upon the Latin roots in which Australia’s name is based upon.

The first entry of this series is Field Of View, which is an EP from Benjamin Stendell aka Solar Suite. The record includes three original tracks and a remix from fellow Melbournian upstart Escape Artist. The title track, which we are premiering today, exemplifies the kind of traits that are emblematic of the city’s developing sound. Drawing on breakbeat and trance influences, Solar Suite melds together an ambient mixture of rippling synths and booming bass that undulate between moments of peaceful euphoria and chaotic dance. The track also contains some heavily-reverberated vocals and galactic bleeps and bloops that give it an otherworldly feel seemingly fit for a rave in space.

Fortunately, you do not have to leave orbit to possess these melodies. They can be safely consumed here on earth. All you need to do is pre-order the vinyl by following this link right here.

Field Of View is set to hit stores on October 16th. The rest of Echocentric’s three-part series is expected to come out in early December and late January, featuring music from the likes of Point Guard, PMA, DJ Life, and Rudolf C.