Softcoresoft – Overstatement (Space Edit) [Lobster Theremin]

Softcoresoft joins the Lobster family with her debut release on Lobster Theremin Black, with five propulsive, space jams. Dropping 18th October, Otherworlds EP is cosmic Techno from the Montreal-based artist that will have you hooked!A3 offers broken-beats, bleeps and bloops – ‘Overstatement (Space Edit)’ is a dizzying brain-tickler. On the flip, B1’s ‘Social Compost’, is a tripped out, warehouse wobbler. Rounding out the EP with a final acid cut, ‘Thalassa’ (B2), nods to early Detroit machine music with extraterrestrial influence. A tip for digi buyers, you’ll find ‘Sentiment Analysis’ (B3), stripped back yet pacey, frantic machine music.

Enter softcoresoft, the DJ, producer and cultural organiser has been whipping dancers up into a rave frenzy on the floor, and tickling our buds for some time now. The Discwoman affiliate co founded Humidex records, and has already featured on Truants, Boiler Room, and recently took part in 2019 RBMA Bass Camp in Calgary. One of the leaders of the Montreal underground, the Music Director of Never Apart, champions gender representation in music whilst hosting monthly show, Ravelength on Montréal-based radio station, Traversing through acid, techno, electro, breaks and trance in DJ sets and live shows, Otherworlds EP is a beautifully crafted release that demonstrates her discerning ear for all that’s transcendental.