Sebastian Gummersbach – In Between Worlds (Marlon Hoffstadt Remix) [Mauke Signature]

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To start your own club and to build up a completely new music scene in a small and poor city in the German countryside can be quite a hard ride. But to become one of North Rhine-Westphalia’s most respected and beloved venues within three years, should not be taken for granted. Since it’s opening in 2016 Mauke followed their plan to offer local acts a platform on which they can play with international artists such as Ciel, Palms Trax, Mor Elian, Roi Perez and Central.

With Mauke Signature they are now going the next step. By kicking off this new project Mauke once again develops a platform for their local scene, friends and resident DJ’s, to help them grow internationally. Known through his outstanding release on ‚Raw Soul’ from two years ago, and after being a resident for such a long time, Sebastian Gummersbach is the perfect artist to set tone for their first twelve inch, which is set for release on June 21st, 2019.

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You Brought Light Into Darkness“ comes along with three originals and a remix by close friend Marlon Hoffstadt who was already involved in Mauke’s opening party three years ago.