Scruscru – Lamantin’s Dream [Nómada Records]

Scruscru - Cruise Ep
Starting slowly with enticing clinking and tinkering as percussive instruments find their melodic feet, ‘Lamantin’s Dream’ is pure elegance. A delicate dance is performed as the notes catch their balance above groovy basslines and lo-fi undertones. The track creates heartwarming, on-top-of-the-world, bubbly daytime house rave energy and it is or pleasure to share this with you.Russian native, Anton Bogomolov aka Scruscru is back at it following his super successful ‘Romantik EP’ released on Minor Notes Recordings in 2018. Scruscru liberates listeners with soulful experimental beats and an array of notes, keys and sounds that come together with a glorious garage beat brewing just underneath the surface. Tranquil vocals lace the 2-step school house beat. It is safe to say, this records has been released at the perfect time of year, with its bouncy twinkling uplifting musical emotions, this EP will no doubt be forming part of my summertime playlist.
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Certified by none other than the exotic rhythm-seeking, Nomada Records, fresh out of Colombia. Since 2015, the label continue to deliver the best representation and variety of Latin American electronic music – so many beautiful crossings of genres and rhythms from artists such as Felipe Gordon, Discoholycs, Nico Saavedra, 4004 plus more.The ’Cruise EP’ is a perfect fit for the label, the artwork, the musical themes and the crips production come together effortlessly. ‘Lamantin’s Dream’ carries us across the ocean on a bougie yacht into the middle of the Caribbean sea, surrounded by beautiful people, sunshine and good vibes. We hope you enjoy as much as we do. Cop yours here.