ScruScru – Kyoto Sunshine [SlothBoogie]

Now we’ve never seen Miami Vice, but we’re thinking if the Japanese had a similar series, this latest offering from Anton Bogomolov (ScruScru), would be perfect as its theme song. Think two detectives, dressed in loud suits roaming around Kyoto fighting crime. From chasing goons down alleyways to following up leads in their flashy convertible, these two are not to be messed with. 

ScruScru. hails from Russia and funnily enough he’s created a tune inspired by the warmer months in Kyoto. Most of his work is pieced together through sampling. Be it Soviet symphonic jazz to romantic Russian singers of old, Anton plucks sounds from some fairly unusual places. He tells us that he “tries to structure his music from the get go and not get carried away with improvisation”. 

‘Kyoto Sun’ is a jolly trip. Looped guitar licks and twinkling keys kickstart the track, which are then joined by soaring trumpet and a mysterious Japanese vocal sample (which I’m sure he found via crate digging). The ‘Fuji Editz’ EP (out through our good pals at Slothboogie), will give you a taste of something a little different. ‘Kyoto Sun’ is like a time warp, you could swear you were sitting in a tiny wooden bar in Japan some 40 years ago, sipping a whisky you’ve never heard of before.  

Four Japanese inspired reworks, spanning city pop, disco and jazz. Brimming with charm and sophistication, Scruscru is leading the wave of new musical talent coming from Russia.Pre-order now.