Sangre Voss – Forever Ubleh [International Extraterrestrial Music]

International Extraterrestrial Music
Sangre Voss, champion of maximalist left-field dance, has previously appeared on Rhythm Section, Control Freak Recordings, and A-Z, following his debut ‘Dance Class’ EP on Third Place in 2019. On his latest offering, the London-based DJ/producer delivers six idiosyncratic, mind-bending tracks for International Extraterrestrial Music, with the release already seeing support from Two Shell and Bradley Zero.

Across the title cut ‘Konon’, booming drums twist and turn alongside folky strings and pipes for a dramatic start to the EP. ‘Schlep’, which saw an early play from Two Shell on their Rinse FM show, kicks up a storm with rocking percussion, twisted vocal samples, and wonky pads before the equally fast and trippy ‘Du Uh Hu He Hu Ha’ closes out the A-side.

On the flip, the Bradley Zero approved ‘Forever Ubleh’ leads the B-side with crunching drums and freaked out FX, before ‘Ramen Whispers’ maintains the oddball sensibilities with gliding low-end, indefinable samples, and spaced-out atmospherics. ‘> two M’ raises the tempo for the finalé, churning out an unruly whirlwind of FM synthesis and wild drum patterns to close out another distinctly original assortment of leftfield dance-not-dance music from the exciting musical mind of Sangre Voss.


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