Sable Blanc – Gentle Washing [Salin Records]

Salin Records is a platform for art and electronic music run by Daria Salin (visual artist) and Christophe Salin (music), based in Lübeck/Germany. The name “Salin” was chosen because the original idea of this project was born on the saline beaches. Up until this point, the label has exclusively been releasing music from Christophe, but that will all change with their forthcoming EP titled Beyond Salty Island. For the talented couple, this record marks a point in which they will travel beyond their home and invite other artists to join them for a beautiful journey through house music. The journey will be taking an adventurous lot all across Europe with the help of handy tour guides Eddi Shkiper from Siberia; Gledd from Italy; and Christophe himself (Germany).

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However, for our expedition to begin, we must first set sail. For this task, the Salins have entrusted Sable Blanc, who will take us to the beaches of his home country (France) with his original track titled Gentle Washing.  As the title suggests, this tune will leave your body, mind, and soul feeling cleansed with Mr. Blanc’s pleasant assortment of weightless jazz melodies, bellowing basslines, and dusty percussion that makes one feel as if they’re listening to waves lightly crash onto land. Although I have never been to the beaches of Southern France, I cannot think of a better tune to soundtrack my first experience than this.

If you feel the same, I highly suggest pre-ordering Beyond Salty Island by clicking this link here! This ship will be leaving the coast on 10/26.