S3A – Jun [Times Are Ruff]

S3A - jun [Times are ruff]
The newest release from Dutch imprint Times Are Ruff comes in the form of a 4 track EP from sampling afficionado S3A, a seasoned producer who’s been putting out hot records at a steady pace since 2012. S3A’s latest EP ‘Rexperience’ is an ode to Rex-Club, a legendary Parisian venue known in 92′ for the Wake Up parties hosted by Laurent Garnier, which has become one of the cities most important and established spots for house and techno. Channelling his experiences as a resident at Rex-Club over the past months, S3A has crafted a club-ready EP with nothing but the Rex-Club dance floor in mind.

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With a name that stands for ’sampling as an art’, it’s no surprise that S3A has a real knack for digging deep and flipping samples. Our pick off the EP ‘Jun’ is no exception. Kicking off a funky guitar lick and juggling cowbells, ‘Jun’ starts of as smooth as they come. But as new samples are layered every other bar, the sound gets fuller by the second, and by the time the kick’s hit the floor and you can hear the dancers cheering, it’s obvious what an unstoppable groover ‘Jun’ really is. A harmony of funk & house with a magic French touch, ‘Jun’ is a one hell of a feel-good club tune.

Once again, S3A shows us what sampling is all about, taking snippets of history to create a collage of a modern club experience. And although they were created with just one in mind, there’s no doubt that S3A’s latest tunes will work a treat on any dance floor. Not one to miss!