PREMIERE : S3A – Dick Jones track [Quintessentials]

quintessentials s3a
S3A (soundcloud) should be no stranger to avid house music fans with his steady rise in popularity over the years. A purveyor of deep and dirty sampled cuts, the Paris-based producer’s tunes have become a staple in many a record bag. With releases and remixes on lauded labels such as Local Talk, Uncanny Valley and Faces Records as well as his own imprint, Sampling As An Art Records, he’s managed to build up quite a reputation. Holding down a residency in one of the French capital’s biggest clubs, Concrete, doesn’t hurt either.

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For his upcoming release, he has contributed a four track EP to a label that has been making some noise of late as well. Quintessentials, a brand that is focused on the rawer, soulful side of house is a perfect fit for S3A whose sound falls in line with other contributors such as Borrowed Identity and 4004. Of the four songs on the EP, we got the opportunity to premiere the A1 “Dick Jones Track”, which recently got airplay on Laurent Garnier’s November episode of his monthly radio show It Is What It Is.

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Deep, warm chords paired with a swung cowbell and hat rhythm in the early moments of “Dick Jones Track” immediately serve as a foreshadowing of what’s to come. Tastefully chopped vocals hint at what you should be doing (dancing!) and if your feet aren’t already moving then the low rumbling bassline that makes an appearance should immediately change that. Shuffling shakers further compliment the groove into the break where there’s a change up into an uptempo diced boogie salad which is sure to be the cause of some sweaty dancefloor moments. Pre-order it on juno.