Ryan Berkeley – You Dance, You Move [Houses in Motion]

Melbourne’s Houses in Motion are a label we’ve had the pleasure of premiering music from before. Continuing to stay with their ethos of releasing only local, Aussie artists, they have the pleasure of welcoming fellow Melburnian Ryan Berkeley into their family. It’s been a little while since HIM’s last release but we’re happy they’re pushing only the best talent that they come across. HIM005 from Ryan Berkeley is a bit of an intergalactic journey that builds up as the record progresses.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-ryan-berkeley-you-dance-you-move” /]

Starting off with some lush melodies on the A side in the forms of ‘Everything in Moderation’ and ‘All I Love’, we see a subdued and dreamy side of the Australian producer. Floaty cosmic atmospheres and bloops take you straight into outer space. As the A side draws to a close this spaceship picks up some steam with ‘Crutches’. Subdued squelchy melodies and arpeggiated riffs are the turning point on the record and there’s no going back as the hard-hitting B side looms on the horizon.

B1 ‘JuKnow?’ brings us straight into house territory with a chunky bass, chopped vocal loops and extra-terrestrial bleeps as we approach the blazing heat of the sun on this journey into outer space. Climaxing on the B2 and our premiere today, we feel the full intensity of the record culminate in ‘You Dance, You Move’. A vocal sample tells you to do just that as heavy drums and an acid line start to melt your brain. You’re fully in alien territory now and there’s no turning back. Pre-order your copy here.