Rudolf C – EndoPlazm (Innabud Dub) [Sensu Glasgow]

There’s something uniquely analogous between Melbourne and Glasgow. An earnest grittiness, found in everything from the grey weather to the working class roots, renders the cities natural breeding grounds for underground music. This shared connection is perhaps what makes us so excited about the latest release on the Glasweigian imprint and renowned Sub-Club residency, Sensu. The label’s third 12” – EndoPlazm EP – welcomes Melbourne producer, DJ and Salt Mines co-founder, Rudolf C to bring what he so perfectly describes as “house music from my mind”.

The four-track EP is the perfect showcase of Rudolf’s talent; a superbly produced marriage of weird electro and analogue house. Like the producer’s other hardware-based releases on Salt Mines, Lost Palms, and X-Kalay, the EndoPlazm EP is raw and atmospheric, drawing from a range of styles, genres and soundscapes. The outcome is an escapist’s delight: four dancefloor-ready jams that strike the ideal balance between exhilarating and melancholic.

Today we have the honour of premiering the A2: Endoplazm (Innabud Dub). The track opens with an almost ambient feel: sounds of nature layered over a euphoric drone, disguising a subdued kick that foreshadows what’s to come. A teasing vocal sample ‘watch yourself’ transports us to the underground party, where hi-hats begin to shuffle like excited ravers in anticipation. At what feels like the perfect moment, a moody bassline takes centre stage and locks the track into a 4/4 groove. Enter some infectious drum kicks, more mind-altering drones before the track descends into spiralling acid and breaks. The combination of indistinguishable vocals and cosmic samples makes it near impossible not to lose ourselves in the obscure, psychedelic landscape. For the final act, the track restores a sense of direction, transporting us back to where it all began, squeezing out the last remaining groove.

In all, it’s an immersive survey of the diverse sounds of the Melbourne underground. The type of track that makes you forget what time it is, what day of the week it is, or what sweat-soaked basement you’re raving in. This is the musical equivalent of the twilight zone.

With the rest of the EP possessing the same addictive, mind-bending quality, this is a release to look out for. Dropping on May 21, pre-order it from Juno now.

Lily D.