Rove Ranger – Millenial Millenium [Lobster Theremin]

Following outings on Rinse FM and HOR, German producer Rove Ranger takes aim on the next release of Lobster Theremin’s full-blooded techno assault; 4 very different cuts of pulsating, bass-driven techno that have one eye in the rear view mirror and the other firmly fixated ahead.

‘CS80’ is an aquatic, rhythmic experience; bubbling with blues, greens and pinks in a techno climate so often associated with grey. A beautiful blend of the new and old school. Tough, but with a touch of soul. ‘Millennial Millenium’ is a blissful trip through neighbouring underworlds and spirit hollows, unrelenting kicks and ghostly atmospherics crafting a cut of psychedelic graveyard techno.

‘La Manana’ is more of a heads-down affair. Punchy bass accompanies the kicks on a track that instantly captivates; less concerned with emotion and more with increasing heart rates; it’s a tripped-out, bouncy experience that screams fun. The EP is rounded off with ‘Horse On Acid’. Have you ever seen a horse on acid? We have, and this is exactly what it sounded like.

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