Romaal Kultan – Step Inside [Tiff’s Joints]

TJ007_Romaal Kultan

If you’re of the impression that marching bands aren’t the epitome of cool, then you’re probably close to the truth. The drummers however are an exception. Now these guys, although often dressed in silly uniforms, make some pretty swish sounds and it seems Romaal Kultan (Oliver Malin) thinks something similar. The genre-diverse producer based out of the UK is back with his Everlasting Romance EP and we’re all about it’s lead track ‘Step Inside’.

Blasting out of the gates with a throbbing kick and those aforementioned military-like snares, we soon meet a host of other party members including acid stabs, perky keys and what sounds like a Native American giving his flute a good blow. Keeping it UK, Malin’s had this one pressed courtesy of London label Tiff’s Joints (we’d love to know how they came to that name). If lads like Bradley Zero and Gilles Peterson are already giving tracks off the EP a run, then you’d assume it’s a pretty tasty release. When we’re allowed to once again dance in crowds and be merry. Get along to see Romaal play!

Pre-order now.
Out 01.05.20