PREMIERE : Riggles – Doomsday [Post Pluto]

Today we’re taking a trip back Down Under as we so often seem to do lately. The Sydney, Australia-based collective, record label and party series Post Pluto (soundcloud) are about to celebrate their fourth release and we’ve got the lowdown. The imprint curates small run vinyl releases with a focus on music that is “soulful, deep and more human than machine”. Tracks laced with classic hip-hop samples and chunky, hazy beats have been the norm to date. Another important fact to note is that their catalogue thus far, including their upcoming release, is 100% locally sourced talent.

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riggles (soundcloud) is yet another fresh talent up-and-coming from the Harbour City who made his debut early this year with a single on a V.A. for fellow Aussie label Ken Oath Records. “No Doors” EP marks his first solo multiple-track venture and it also includes a remix from Sonderr. Our premiere today and what we believe to be the standout of the release is the A1 ‘Doomsdsay‘. There is a marked difference between this cut and the rest of the EP, although the whole record falls wholly within the aforementioned range of Post Pluto’s sound. While ‘Doomsday’, despite the title, sparkles and shines in a carefree manner, the rest of the EP sits on the cloudier side with crunchy drums and heady grooves, yet their titles, ‘Shine‘ and ‘Perfect Day‘, also seem to convey the opposite. Sampling MF Doom’s classic cut of the same name (which in turn sampled Sade’s ‘Kiss of Life‘), Doomsday takes a piece of the original and ups the pitch and tempo. The light percussion sets a perfect groove around the wistful chords while a harp gracefully twirls its way around the arrangement, giving it that breezy flair perfect for the current summer season in the Northern Hemisphere.

The record is available for pre-order and should be out by the end of the month.