Ricardo Baez – Angelina [Tropical Animals]

After 2 years, Tropical Animals Records returns with a new intimate release by Ricardo Baez. Following his recent successes on labels like Bordello a Parigi, Mule Musiq, and Permanent Vacation, Ricardo Baez pays tribute to his beloved and irreplaceable grandmother Angelina in this track.

“As true as I remember, this is the sole pure love I’ve ever received. Angelina, grandma, I miss you like oxygen. This is my gift for you, to keep you here forever”

The track opens with a syncopated rhythmic section where voices of various tones intertwine, while a swelling pad underneath leads to a suspended childish time frame.The track continues with a crescendo and decrescendo of emotions, evoking moments of absolute carefreeness and freedom, almost as if it were transporting us to paradise.

The remix entrusted to one of the finest electronic music artists on the Italian scene, BAWRUT takes the sound completely out of conventional bounds, creating sonic landscapes that ignite a strong urge to unleash on the dancefloor, to forget… forget how much “I miss you”. The breakdown catapults us into another sonic realm, only to plunge us into the stark reality of what it is Raw, powerful, and straight… like his incredible version. A remix that is exceedingly solid and devastating.”


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