PREMIERE : Rhode & Brown – Iruzu Jam [Toy Tonics]

Munich-based duo Rhode & Brown (soundcloud) aka Friedrich Trede & Stephan Michael Braun are back on fellow German label Toy Tonics for another EP. “B tru 2 u” marks the producers’ fifth release over the past four years for the ever-popular imprint. It is testament to the label’s belief in their artists that they can have consistent releases from a regular roster of producers who call the label home, such as Coeo, Black Loops, and of course Rhode & Brown. Just as the imprint’s sound has evolved over the years, so has that of the pair of producers, who began their journey with Toy Tonics on release number 008 and are continuing it today, sixty three releases later with number 071. From more jackin’, upbeat tracks to moodier, deep cuts to balearic sounds, the duo continue to develop their sound and put out music that they are feeling in the moment.

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For this particular EP, Friedrich and Stephan got the raw ideas for it down while vacationing on the island of Zanzibar. On our premiere and the B2 on the record ‘Iruzu Jam’, the island vibes are readily apparent. From the conga and exotic percussion instrument rhythms to the bright strings and vibraphone loop, a sunny atmosphere is definitely being evoked. A simple, low, rumbling bass really solidifies the tune and makes it perfect for a beach-side set. Perhaps, if just for a few moments, this song can help us forget about the upcoming dreary weather and bring with it some of those warm summer feelings that already seem so far away.

The release is out this Friday and you can pre-order your copy here.