Remotif – Telepathic Heights [Coymix Ltd]

COY004 A
Coymix Ltd, the label run by friends Steffan Todorovic and Timo Rotonen, releases impeccable projects like the world’s best vineyards release the finest fuckin’ wine you’ve never tasted. I’m lucky enough to be on their promo list (thanks bois it’s a goddamn honor), and everytime I get something new, my animal instincts tell me to throw ‘em on a USB and bury them in the park close to my apartment. In my head, this is a preservation technique, one for which I’d draw myself a decent pirate map to remember where it was buried. You might think this qualifies as “taking it too far,” but they said the same thing about Avalon Emerson’s “Art of DJing” and look at her shinin’ like the hottest star. Point is, like her, I’ll do what I want with my fuckin’ bangers, OK!? When the zombie apocalypse sends YOUR loved ones into hiding, I’ll be in the park with all of MY dj and audio gear soundtracking the shredding of my entrails with a Coymix project.


Joe Reddick aka Remotif is the London based producer responsible for COY004. Prior to this outing he’s released notable projects on air miles, Pleasant Life, Familiar Strangers, and Alfresco Disco. He most often excels at creating lush dreamlike “breakscapes,” but here we find him swapping tempos for four straight emotional club bangers that extend from techy house to trance and to psychedelic breaks. He’s ditched the butt chug for a butt plug, and lemme be the first to tell you, these tunes shake the anal cavity. Quick aside, if you don’t feel a tune in your asshole are you even listening properly? As a label head myself, I must feel my butt quake before I even consider signing a tune. So yeah, big up Joe, I’m gonna need restorative surgery on my sphincter after these repeat listens.

Shall we get to the music? It’s my pleaasssureee to premiere today the B1 from COY004, or what Remotif has dubbed the “Goodbye Sunshine EP.” “Telepathic Heights” is the project’s most melancholy tune, and another beautiful take on deep Detroit and Italo house, lush with wiggly synth lines, fever dream atmospheres, and a new-age vocal sample that repeats “enter, the unexpected door.” It’s a fitting whisper for a tune that makes me feel like I’m floating through the astral plane. If I was going to walk through a random glowing door, this is the tune that’d play after crossing the threshold. But hear me out, just because this tune sounds chill, doesn’t mean that it would tear up a dance floor. This is weaponry for transitional those moments when you’re moving a crowd from a to b to c to d. Or maybe, you’re just moving yourself, in which case this tune is equal amounts of gold for your headphones.

“Telepathic Heights” and the rest of COY004 releases on August 27th via the Coymix Ltd. Bandcamp and other major retailers of vinyl and digital rekkies. Do yourself a favor and cop a piece of electronic history. I don’t write often, but when I do, it’s for something worthy. This, and everything else from the Estonian/Finnish A&R masterminds is NOT TO BE MISSED.”


Ryan C.