Rein – Speaking Through A Mirror [Stolen Groove]

stolen groove - rein
Underground duo Rein rise enigmatically out of the ether and announce themselves to the world with their first ever label release, having put out a whole host of self-released goodness in the past. The EP, titled SG002, marks the second release put out from mysterious underground label Stolen Groove.

The 4-track belter takes clear inspiration from both house and breakbeat to deliver a sound defined by original drum breaks and euphoria. Rein must be given huge credit for finding sonic originality with music that makes you just want to get back out there into the dance. Soon come. Keep your ears to the underground and you’re sure to see Rein make their mark over the coming years.

On the label side of things, when Stolen Groove were pushed for more info about themselves, all that came back was the message, “There’s a record thief on the loose, hide yo wax!”. Despite the mystery surrounding this UK based label, their message is clear: keep your records safe and always back the underground…


text has been provided by the label.