Ray Ray – Grace [Suol]

ray ray - suol music

Ahh… summer. Isn’t it grand? It’s when Berlin is at its very best. After months of hibernation, everyone comes out of their rabbit holes in the best of moods and ready to mingle. And the little piece of paradise called ‘Hallo Montag’ is just the place to go in this frame of mind. Don your sunglasses, maybe grab a nice cold Späti-beer for the way and head over to our weekly daytime party, held every Monday at IPSE, that beautifully secluded spot right by the Spree canal. This season is going to be the third and once again, they are releasing a collection of sunny House tracks that capture the Berlin summer vibe, one at a time, every Monday, to accompany each party.

‘Grace‘ by Ray Ray builds up on a heavy Italo-Disco kick drum and epically massive, filtered synth chords, constructing a wall of sound that seems to sway to the rhythm while intricate, funky percussion patterns dance on top of it. Ray has been in the game since 1995 and it shows. This is masterful stuff. Buy it digitally now.