Ray Kandinski – Multiverse Connection [Let’s Play House]

The next big production in the ever-increasing catalog of Germany’s finest, Ray Kandinski. It is correct to perceive that we can rely on this young progressive producer for consistently original music. ‘LPH065’ is simply outstanding electronic music. Kandinski fuses scientific-techno with retro Detroit house compressions, before placing those sounds over thumping beats (like instant classic ‘Wake Up’ released earlier this year). The sonic zaps, cuts, and crops evoke visions of scattered lasers shooting through the rave over oscillating techno waves, all glorious components to accompany Kandinski’s magic touch.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-ray-kandinski-multiverse-connection” /]

‘Multiverse Connection’ is another major hit; released by New York label Let’s Play House. The super talented owners, Jacques Renault, and Nick Mercer, must be proud of their ever-growing, devoted musical family/label, who continue to satisfy our musical appetites through the years. Let’s Play House have been churning out some of the best influential disco, house, and techno grooves since 2009 from some of our favorite artists: No Regular Play, DJ Boring, Seb Wildblood, OOFT!, Beautiful Swimmers, KRL, Tokyo Black Star just to name a few!

Congratulations on powering through for the last decade! And if LPH065 has you itching for more you can catch Ray Kandinski at Beate Uwe tomorrow night in Berlin! Cop yours here.