Rambal Cochet – Dolphin’s Dance [Alzaya Records]

Celebrating the interconnected strands of head-tripping hypnotic sounds, new age electronica and early/late 90s progressive house/trance, Rambal Cochet arrives on this only vinyl EP, built to elevate the dance floors.

Since emerging in the scene, Rambal Cochet has ably demonstrated his instinct for different approaches, whether exploring expansive sonic palettes or holding down stages where he has performed. This DJ, producer and versatil music curator, throughout his career, turned his capable hand into a truly immersive listening experience.

Dolphin’s Dance is an uplifting music journey with a flavour of the good old prog sound and a dreamy atmosphere. Volantis & Nicodemo elaborated on the title track stylishly and thoughtfully. The narrative flow in Twisted Reality and Virtual Nightmare uses contrasting ecosystems to glide through distinctive spaces, unfolding with darker vibes infused with style sounds, as in Yello’s 90’s album “Pocket Universe”. The effect is sometimes nostalgic, calling to mind pulsating rhythms, bass lines and hypnotic melodies.

Rambal Cochet shows again an exceptional talent for producing high-level dance music. An exquisite—4 rhythmic and stimulating club jams to be savoured and absorbed in ALZ05.


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