Rafiki – Smoke & Mirrors [Permanent Vacation]

Join one of India’s electronic music leading lights Rafiki as he takes you on a sonic tour of his Mumbai home, Anand Mahal (Happy Palace), released 31st May on Permanent Vacation.

Nestled in the heart of Bandra’s vibrant chaos, Anand Mahal stands as Rafiki’s serene haven—an oasis of calm. This cherished space is where his latest EP was born, a testament to unforgettable musical connections. The echoes of jams, after-hours sessions, and the laughter of friends fill its rooms, creating a mosaic of memories with both global and local artists. These are friends and fellow creatives, drawn to Mumbai by the events organised by Rafiki’s decade and a half-old agency, Krunk, and its offshoot label, Krunk Kulture.

Smoke & Mirrors, the fourth track, transports you into Rafiki’s musical den which is surrounded by a haze of smoke and mirrors. Relax on a cushion or the couch while playful & trippy melodies encircle you. This sound sanctuary fosters an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration, where each note is fuelled by the dance of melodies amidst shimmering reflections. Rafiki shares, “My Music Den is filled with beautiful music & memories, sparking endless creativity and profound self-reflection.”


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