Radial Gaze – Micky, Licky or Chicky (Original Mix) [Avacha Records]

avacha records radial gaze

Despite the fact that Avacha is based in the northwestern administrative district, actually it is based on the entire surface of the Russian Federation and sometimes beyond its borders. From the Far East to the outskirts of the European part of the map, the geography of Avacha residents is as wide as our country is and the music tastes are wide, specific and heterogeneous like the landscape of the Black Earth Region, the peaks of the Urals or the bottom of Lake Baikal.

On September 19, Avacha releases the “999% HITS” compilation. 8 tracks by domestic and not very domestic producers are designed to show the adequate side of contemporary music from Russia and the surrounding territories. The list of artists easily converts to the line-up of the best outsiders and underdogs festival.

Volta Cab opens the VA with an ethnic banger “Vertical Monopoly”, followed by duo Wolfstream and their Middle Eastern rockabilly track “Doctor Doctor”, then comes Alexei Kryuk’s alter ego Bogdan who performs a nine-minute jam-passage “Drunken Swagga”, and Radial Gaze closes the dance question with the merciless “Micky, Licky Or Chicky”. Conventional side B begins with a track with the self-explanatory title “It Was A Remix” from Panorama Channel, which will work easily both on the radio and on the dance floor, then Soft Metal calls upon all forces to break the disco with the hit “Humanism”, White Magik with its “Darkness” shows how disco sounds, mating with industrial under euphoretics. The wandering gang, Olta Karawane, ends with the song “Romanian Erotic Tradition”, which encourages all kinds of joy.


text has been provided by the label.