R.2614 – Élévation (STUPR Remix) [909 Connection]

For his second EP on 909 Connection, R.2614 continues to deepen his universe with 4 tracks complemented by 2 remixes by Bias and STUPR.

The first track, ‘Illusion’, plunges us into a dark atmosphere, depicted by a heavy, EBM-influenced rhythm section, aggressive acid synths and ghostly, authoritative vocals. ‘Élévation’ then comes with a higher tempo as well as a lighter atmosphere: gravity diminishes and we’re lifted by the pads and sci-fi synths of this resolutely techno DJ tool. The ascent continues with ‘Destination’, a track with a steady rhythm and a soaring aura, ideal for filling the dancefloor with love and tenderness. Finally, ‘Prédiction’ takes us back into an obscure climate, consolidated by a heady bass and distant nightmarish wails, with a mysterious and disturbing prophetic voice.

The first remix, by Bias, offers us a revisited version of ‘Élévation’, which is marked by lush sound design and a complex rhythmic pattern. To close the EP, STUPR offers us a remix of the same track tinged with UK techno influences, with a consistent breakbeat and rolling bassline.


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