Qant – Tha Message [Craquages Collectifs]

Craquages Collectifs is the crazy project of the three troublemakers ergen101, Meli Mena and BisouBisou, which aims to help the victims of the ‘metro-work-dodo’ system by creating spaces where they can freely express everything that everyday life prevents them from letting out. Driven by a mad ambition to establish themselves as key players on the Parisian Bass and Break scene, they called on a hand-picked selection of the scene’s flourishing artists for their very first Various Artist. The compilation, featuring 11 club weapons with both mystical and incisive vibes, reflects the eclecticism dear to the Craquages project.

Among these tracks lies french DJ and producer Qant‘s gem : ‘Tha Message’. Taking pleasure in sweeping through the tempo range in their dj sets from quite a long time, Qant noticed the struggle to bridge the gap between 140 and 160bpm. They made it a mission to fill this void by producing homemade tunes that would both address this issue and allow themselves to explore furthermore the crafting of breakbeat tracks below the standard 160 bpm. ‘Tha Message’ is one of these tracks, a love letter to hardcore junglism completed with pitched up hip hop samples and rave stabs, driven by a good old four to the floor beat and relying on a meaty sub bass for days.

Besides their contribution to Craquages’ compilation, they’re more exciting news from Egregore Collective label manager : they’re co-launching a new label called Trajectoire with french producers navigating the hardcore music continuum and self-releasing their first LP, ‘Oceans’, later this month, where they explore new atmospheric realms and tell the tale of a journey through a quest for identity.

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