Zoo Look – Similar Steps [Lost Palms]

Zoo Look - Similar Steps [Lost Palms]

Somewhat of a cult favourite, Shall Not Fade was born out of the city of Bristol in winter 2015 and since then has captured the hearts and minds of us all. They’ve came a long way since their debut release from a young Aussie talent, who unknowingly at the time would go on to become one of the biggest names in electronic music, Mall Grab. The rise of the label has been beautiful to watch and thoroughly deserved, consistently releasing record after record of the highest calibre while continuing to attract superstars; Adryiano, DJ Boring, Skream the list goes on… After establishing themselves in the music scene a new project was unveiled to us all, the sub-label of Lost Palms. Like any sub-label it gave them the adaptability to focus on a more specific sound, a smooth euphoric head-in-the-cloud sound that we are now all too familiar with. Subjoi, Harrison BDP and Demuja are a few names embedded onto the leaves of the Lost Palms. 

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-zoo-look-similar-steps” /] The twenty first Lost Palm gently falls into view and is delivered in expert style by Zoo Look. Already being aware of Zoo Look’s back catalogue, it’s easy to see how this match up was inevitable to happen – a perfect musical match. Four completely unique tracks compile the Similar Steps EP, with the entitled track our premiere today. Arpeggiated chords slowly glide in from the mist to become submersed amongst a broken beat. The beautiful thing about this track is the constantly evolving sound winding and diving throughout the stages to make a piece of art. Get yourself a copy of the record, close your eyes and take it all in. 

Adam R