PREMIERE: Yuri Shulgin – Friendly Circles [30porumalinha]

30porumalinha - tinder tapes

This week’s cheekily titled premier comes from Portugese born, Barcelona established, Berlin located label/events company 30porumalinha. To date, the label has only released one various artists compilation, and the forthcoming V/A comp, Tinder Tapes, is an excellent sophomore release that will surely establish the label as one to watch amidst an ever growing group of newly minted indie labels.

Yuri Shulgin’s (soundcloud) “Friendly Circles” kicks off the EP with an immediately arresting perc sequence perfectly suited for the tracks later progression from deep club tune into a heady exploration of swirling synth solos and uniquely processed FX. The track works perfectly as the A1, letting the listener know that this compilation isn’t for the basic listener.

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The project continues with “Thames Down”, an absolute disco heater from Ben Hauke. Initially, we’re led into deep, swelling chords by a catchy as hell vocal sample that adds a syrupy layer of soulfulness to cut through an interesting blend of organic percussion and tropicalia. This track is a real roller, a true mid-set stormer that should receive big support from the circuits heavy hitters. Additionally, you may have heard Ben’s EP that released via Church…yeah…this guy isn’t messing around.

The b-side begins with a collaboration between Inkswel and Kid Sublime. Infinitely more mysterious sounding than either track on the A side, “Overstand” delves into deeper, more experimental territory. Muted keys riff over a hypnotic bassline while beautifully flanged hats compliment a refreshing kick structure that effectively breaks the monotony of most four on the floor driven tracks. This is very much an after hours song; the perfect instrumental for one too many cigarettes.

B2 brings us back into the light with, “Ancient Times”, a sultry afro-centric jam by Henri Leblanc. From the moment it kicks off the track beckons listeners into a paradise found only in the deepest of fever dreams. Congas and foreign chants lead into strong chords, and all strong chords lead straight to house heaven. “Ancient Times” is the auditory equivalent to a smoke machine on the beach…the perfect balance between haze and tropicalia that makes us wonder why more people don’t make music that sounds like this. Our only gripe is that it seems too short. We could have listened to this for 12 minutes. Maybe we’ll get a Villalobos remix, lol.

Rounding things out is Brando, and whoever you are, you’re a real gem. Thank you for sampling ODB. All kidding aside, this track is an absolute banger. Brando’s “Money” is the perfect way to end an EP of such sonically unique tunes. The final, “YEAH MOTHERF***ER” after four obscenely good songs. Drums pound as the Kelis sample floats above a grimy bassline, a real opiate that sucks you deeper into slow builds before the mood is interrupted by hard as nails drops. We have a feeling this one is going to get some serious club play.


Overall, Tinder Tapes is an excellent project and one that certainly solidifies 30porumalinha as a forward thinking label willing to release music in a range of styles. The Bolting Bits staff is certainly paying attention, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this label and for the artists that contributed to this compilation.