PREMIERE : Trudge – Memorial For A Buried Hope [Of Paradise 004]


OP004_Trudge of paradise

French producer Trudge (soundcloud) has been making a name for himself over the last year with a succession of releases and a unique live show. The «Split EP» with Die Roh (Sagats & DJ Octopus), released last summer by Axe On Wax sublabel, Axe Traxx, established a left-field house sound with elements of lo-fi – blown out kicks, grainy samples and lush pads. His releases this year (one on Dance Around 88, and another on Shall Not Fade sublabel, Lost Palms) show a sonic development, experimenting with heavier sounds (‘Restless’) as well as emotive dream-house (‘Deep Eyes Blue Skies’). This latest 12” sees Trudge explore a darker mood with nods to a diverse range of styles.

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«Buried Hopes» is a 4-track EP released by Of Paradise. The fourth installment of the London label, the record is a fitting follow-up to Baltra’s double LP, «No Regrets». Our premiere today, the A1 track, ‘Memorial For A Buried Hope’ is a haunting opener that’s equally infectious as it is ominous. An overdriven kick and distorted chords open the 8-minute piece, and are gradually accompanied by driving hi-hats and fuzzy snare. The atmospheric haziness is grounded by the bass, which sometimes slips towards an acid sound and provides the main melodic motif. High strings build tension half-way through the track, signalling the peak. ‘Memorial For A Buried Hope’ is a slow-burner that invites the listener to lose themselves in its meditative textures, the pounding rhythms maintain a forward momentum that suggests the energy of New York techno. The following track, ‘Sad But Necessary’ moves further into the acid realm and compliments the opener. The B-side offers inventive, juxtaposing takes on jungle. ‘Drop’ features slow breakbeats and hazy pads, while the closer, ‘And I’m Losing My Mind Again,’ is intensely quick, the breakbeats fading in-and-out as choral pads evoke a religious atmosphere, ending the record on an emotional high.

The «Buried Hopes» 12” can be pre-ordered now, through Lobster Records, or is available as a digital download on the Of Paradise Bandcamp.              

JJ Nozell