PREMIERE : Tlim Shug – Mutuality EP

bodo004_tlim shug

Bobby Donny is a label set up by Frits Wentink in order to put out his own records as well as those of his close friends. If the label’s Red Light Radio show and first few releases are anything to go by, then expect the output to be a little different, somewhat weird, possibly hip-hop and definitely lo-fi. After three EPs were released in the latter half of 2015, this will be the first of 2016 with almost a year gone since the last one. Other than a release by SAN2, it’s been records from the label boss himself but the fourth EP comes from someone different.

Tlim Shug is behind the wheel for BODO004 and we have an exclusive preview of the A2 track, “Wig Split”. True to form, Tlim Shug sticks to the lo-fi sound that has made him one of the well known names in the now booming trend. A DJ Smokey sampled and looped hip-hop vocal with a simple yet contagious and haunting keyboard melody form the backbone of the track. Low-passed hats and claps paired with crushed toms and snares form the no-frills four on the floor beat while a beefy bassline drives the song. An airy pad makes an appearance about halfway through, amping up the intensity as the groove progresses. Don’t forget to pre-order your copy:

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