PREMIERE: Klubbhuset – Rehearsal [Let’s Play House]

Back on NY mainstay Let’s Play House is Swedish duo Klubbhuset, who made their debut on the label with 2016’s tasty full-length, Marathons. This time, the two-man combo, comprised of Ari Bald and Egil Kahlbom, comes correct again with a five tracker of heady sample-work and hardware play here on Rehearsal. Our premiere from the record is the title-track and A1 cut, so let’s dive in.

“Rehearsal” is sustained by Klubbhuset’s patented, bouncy 909 percussion, flipping a gospel-like sample that all well-educated hip-hop heads should recognize. Clever filtering and hat work serve to keep the track hustling without monotony. It’s really a perfect main chop too; the vocals irresistibly soulful and catchy, with piano flutters and horn stabs from the sample accenting the experience. Though it’s the first track on the release, “Rehearsal” really works best as a later night affair. Its bittersweet loop staying faithful until the end.

On the rest of the EP, “Bare Feet”, “Our Friend Elliot” and “Loosing My Taste” introduce a more hard-ware heavy sound for the Stockholm boys. 909s and Juno riffs create synth-heavy, playful house experiences. Meanwhile, “Fuji Love” blends the sample and hardware approaches in a bright and jovial affair meant for straight chilling. It’s an interesting change-up considering the sample-reliant nature of Marathons.

Rehearsal hits shops on June 22nd.