PREMIERE: Hayes & Zeitgeist – Emerald Conifers

Hayes & Zeitgeist - Emerald Conifers

Helmed by Sydneysider Jackson, Aussie label Moonshoe releases refined, home-grown house music on the softer side of the spectrum. After premiering the imprint’s fourth release by Freda in April, we are delighted to deliver to you their latest transmission: MSH005. The 12” is the collaborative genius of two vanguards of the Melbourne underground: Analogue Attic alumni Matthew Hayes and 70/30 collective veteran Ziggy Zeitgeist. The pair have a diverse musical background of jazz music and drumming respectively, and the latest 12” unifies their sound impeccably.

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Our premiere, the A1: Emerald Conifers, opens the record by setting the scene somewhere in the native Victorian landscape where lush pads and tinkling hats dance above like the Milky Way in a clear sky. As the bassline builds, the track locks into an uplifting groove. It’s the type of sound made for the outdoors, for that moment of the doof where you look around and appreciate the way dancers become one with nature. Just past the five-minute mark, a deep mind-melting vocal begins to delicately intermingle with the tracks other elements. Ziggy’s fervent live drumming and a nimble piano riff bounce off each other nicely, accelerating then decelerating as the track winds towards a gentle close.

The rest of the track picks up where things left off, inviting us on a meditative journey into the cosmos. With a soundscape that extends from ambient techno to breakbeat and downtempo house, finding a nexus between the disparate influences is no mean feat. But Hayes and Zeitgeist make it seem effortless. The EP combines disparate influences into something that feels refreshingly original and satisfyingly whole.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked for this gem, available to snag from the Moonshoe Bandcamp very soon.