PREMIERE: Felipe Gordon – Su Casa, Mi Casa [Quintessentials]

Bogota-based, windbreaker-rocking househead Felipe Gordon has steadily been building his repertoire. In addition to co-running Nómada Records, the producer has quietly lined up contributions for the likes of Toy Tonics, W&O Street Tracks and now German deep house mainstay Quintessentials. The latter comes in the form of a solo EP, Mi Casa, Su Casa, a four track collaboration that clearly makes sense stylistically; Gordon’s moody, key-laced deepness being a perfect fit for a label that has consistently churned out quality releases in that very vein.

The A1 track (and our premiere), “Su Casa, Mi Casa”, initiates with a shortly-looped keystab reminiscent of Purple Velvet’s “Back On The Boulevard” and shuffling hats and claps. Shortly after, a low-hanging bassline and Spanish talking vocals join a jazzy run of piano licks, creating a nice midtempo house groove. It’s a combo representative of the producer’s aesthetic; syncopated and quirky beats mixed with hardware synths and jazz samples.