PREMIERE : Carlo – Three Days In A Row [Neovinyl]

Coming in hot with a new solo EP on his own Neovinyl imprint is everyone’s favorite long-haired Spaniard, Carlo. The Ohana EP is a bright, clubby three tracker meant to thaw out cold winter dancefloors. The title track and “Sugar Sweet Sunshine” are jumpy, chopped soul affairs carrying a similar, joyous vibration.

Meanwhile, our premiere, “Three Days In A Row”, is a low-slung and funky deep house track representative of the reliable club tools the label is known for. A fat, looped bassline serves as the backbone here–sustained by vintage drum samples and just the right amount of percussion and hi-hat action needed to propel the song further. Filtered and flanged samples weave in and out to complement the arrangement. All in all, it’s a steady club number that should appeal to many a house DJ.

NVR080 will be available digitally in February.