Aquatic Language – Untitled (Minor Acid) [VNC006]


French label Ville Nouvelle is set for its sixth release – a multi-generic, five-track EP (called Music for Five Post Cards) that spans cuts by music-makers from three continents: Canada, Australia and France.

Our premiere is the last track on the record Untitled, by Aquatic Language – a project of Vancouver residents, Precipitation and Soft Fit. Luckily, it’s probably our favourite track on the EP, and that’s really saying something given the record’s start-to-finish quality.

The whole EP is wonderfully tasteful and aesthetically unified: from each track to the next, to the sleek and soft-coloured artwork, this record epitomises the playful, intricate and totally intriguing work that Ville Nouvelle has been pushing for over two years.

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Untitled is ambient and dreamy. It’s one of those tracks that would feel totally different with just one of its elements missing – whether that be the intricate percussion, the airy pads, the catchy acid synth-line or the slightly detuned melody that sounds the way stargazing would if it made a noise.

Other tracks come from Melbourne’s Soda Lite – a mysterious entity that makes music to match and soundtrack the natural world – French based José Roboter and River Yarra, and Vancouver’s third rep on the record, Regularfantasy.

This is a cross-continental collection prime for a self-indulgent Sunday walk. Given its young but impressive discography, it’s worth keeping an eye and an ear out for not just this record, but more Ville Nouvelle material in future.