PREMIERE: Africa Show – Massanga (Yeahman Remix) [Mawimbi]

Since 2013, the Parsian collective Mawimbi have demonstrated that music has no borders. Consisting of musicians POUVOIR MAGIQUE, SSCK, ALT, L’ENFANT-LOUP, ALT!, and UMEME,  the group spends the majority of their time as a record label and DJ crew. The goal of their mission is to select the finest rhythms and vibes from the Motherland and spread their idea of multicultural club culture across the most famous clubs in France.

However, this description of Mawimbi does not do them justice. The crew doesn’t appear to care about exclusivity or being pretentious. They do their best to not alienate the current club culture by incorporating more conventional forms of dance music like ghetto house, modern highlife and shamanic techno in their projects. This certainly helps lessen the culture shock, making the global journeys they take people on slightly more digestible and familiar. Think of Mawimbi as your trusty tour-guide that will take care of you as they expose you to the alluring soundscapes of places like Soweto, Bamako, and Kinshasa.

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The “musical tourism” Mawimbi have carried out the past 4 years has given them a following of over 10,000 people that stretch from Berlin to Pretoria, and Tokyo to Amsterdam. Due to their recent success, the crew is coming out with the second volume to their compilation series Radio Mawimbi.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the A1, and are quickly becoming fans of Yeahman’s remix of Africa Show’s 1960’s song “Massanga.” The song is from Angola, but the remixer hails from Toulouse. Seeming to be a proponent of the old adage “less is more,” Yeahman does not do anything to detract from the original’s feel. Instead, he decides to pick up the record’s sloth-like tempo while blending in an assortment of his own percussion and echoing synths; making it perfect for warm weather excursions to the beach!

To get your a copy of Yeahman’s remix, plus the compilation’s 8 other tracks, simply follow this link to purchase!