Potatohead People – Morning Sun (feat. Nanna.B) [DJ Spinna Galactic Funk Remix] [Bastard Jazz]

GALACTIC FUNK. There is no better description for this sultry hip hop groove. The stirring harmonies, relaxing energy and soulful melodies created by the brilliant DJ Spinna, take you on a magically meditative trip around the Morning Sun.

Who better to release this futuristic hip hop delight than the wax-loving forward-thinking Bastard Jazz Recordings. Always fresh and boasting phenomenal creativity, the independent Brooklyn-based label, strive to work only with expressive producers that they genuinely vibe with. It’s clear to see how Bastard Jazz have been running for over 15 years, teaming up with fellow visionaries: Illa J (personal favourite), Kid Loco, Captain Planet, Brit Manor and Lord Echo, all of whom make up the impressive roster, plus many more. This is why you will be hearing ‘Morning Sun’ for a long time – it’s come from a genuine marriage of talented artists and an unmatched devoted label.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/morning-sun-feat-nannab-dj-spinna-remix” /]
As a lover of poetry and as an observer of all things lyrical, the vocals by the amazing Nanna G, are perfectly suited to the dreamy beat and twinkling keys. The mix holds on to the raw emotion of a Potatohead People garage jam. Spinna applies his magic touch and makes an already magnificent track….even better.

Yes, the beat is addictively funky. Yes, I feel untouchable listening to it. Yes, I feel like hanging out of a cadalac straight chillin, boppin my head to this groove. It is undeniable that this track will have you feeling. In true Potatohead People fashion, the tune is uplifting, that is where the beauty lies. You’ll be left with so much long after the tune is done.

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