Philipp Priebe – On The Way Out [Stolar]

Stólar label boss Philipp Priebe delivers the inaugural long player on his own imprint this December, entitled ‘Movements In An Empty Department Store’ and comprising eight original compositions from the German artist.

In the words of the label founder himself ‘’this is the first album on Stólar, a collaboration with Jules and Valentin, who are in charge of the artwork (Jules) and the Logo (Valentin). This LP is about a kid’s dream – one night alone in an empty department store. A dream come true for lots of children and adults, as it gives you the opportunity to do what you want, try everything without the side eye of employees, snack through the entire food and sweets section and have a night off without thinking about consequences. This can become great, a nightmare or a feverish dream these eight tracks are your soundtrack to this adventure.

Throughout the ‘Movements In An Empty Department Store’ album, Priebe further showcases his ability to craft, raw, cinematic and often mystical deep house music that acts as a cossetting sonic blanket for the listener throughout. From the swelling bass lines, dubby echoes and ethereal textures found in tracks like ‘Marble’, ‘Porcelain’, ‘Drenched In Dust’ and ‘Fever Dreams’, through to more rugged percussion driven dance floor tools like title-cut ‘Movements In An Empty Department Store’, ‘Cedar’ and ‘Clouds Floating In A Haze Of Light’ or the pensive, haunting closer ‘On The Way Out’, Philipp Priebe once again proves himself as a remarkable composer with a striking ear for detail and depth.


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