Philip Budny – Somnambulism [LET’S PLAY HOUSE]

Philip Budny (Let's Play House)


Philip Budny’s caught our attention over and over again these past years, appearing on numerous VA’s, a beautiful debut EP on Lionoil and last year’s collaborative EP with Seb Wildblood on Coastal Haze. We couldn’t be happier to premiere the first track from his next release, kicking off 2019 with an EP on Jacques Renault’s revered Let’s Play House imprint, who’ve recently been home to releases from Viers, St. David, Keito Sano and others. On his Somnambulism EP, Phil P once again cooks up four warm, sun-dappled tunes to make the winter months a little more bearable and add a touch of summer spirit to your day. 

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Our premiere today is the title-track, Somnambulism.  Somnambulism layers the vaguest strums of a distant guitar, nebulous pads and silky smooth keys, on a backbone of 909 hihats and a bouncing bass line.  Like a feathery dream built on a steel foundation, Somnambulism carries qualities of hazy home listening and club energy alike. Aptly named – literally meaning sleepwalking – Somnambulism, both the track and EP alike, seem to walk the line between two worlds:  the hazy and the energetic, the ambient and the 909, the dream-world and the real one. Through his vision of these worlds intertwined, Philip Budny shows us how to dream as we dance, the way others sleep as they walk.

Somnambulism is out February 22nd, preorder here.