Phantom Traffic – Alarm [Phantom Music]

Coming in hot this summer is the curious “Magnetic” EP from French duo, Phantom Traffic. The versatile body of work spans across five various moods, crammed with unique movements and all leaning towards different genres and vibes. The “Magnetic” EP encapsulates what you can experience in a live performance from the live act pair, each and every time is different from the last. 23rd June will be the full release date, available across digital platforms on Nowadays Records, ready to make an emphatic mark on your music collection for the months ahead.

This innovative release kicks off with “Digital Express”, enormous chunky drums thunder their way throughout, combining with the depth of the pads and rippling shades of electro. “Alarm” has a distinctive atmosphere from beginning to end, teased with house strings. You find yourself in rave territory in “Overload”, picking up the pace with an energetic 7 minute trip for the trained ears amongst us. The aptly named “Acid Recall” utilises a mind bending acid line from the word go, a pensive journey as the rapid drums begin to drive the track into the hazy hours of the night. Showing no signs of slowing down is the final track “Pulsion”, abrupt and in-your -face action, reminiscent of an industrial warehouse you have found yourself immersed in at a previous time.

Phantom Traffic are an act to watch out for in the years to come, their unconventional yet danceable style is starting to spread like wildfire in France and beyond. Since their first live at the Ferme du Bonheur, they have performed at the likes of Texture Festival in Rennes, alongside Kettama and LB aka Labat, at Rex Club and the Sacré in Paris, without forgetting the Îlots Électroniques in Tours, the Bikini in Toulouse, Paco Tyson in Nantes and for the 5 years of Super Daronne at Square Dom-Bedos in Bordeaux.

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