Pelace – Coral Sequence [Paradiso Records]

Pelace - The World of Pelace

UK-based label Paradiso Records bless us with their fourth release. Reaching across the pond, they found newcomer Belgian duo Pelace. We are always happy to showcase fresh talents and here we definitely found one! The EP stretches its legs on three tracks, taking us through a mixture of dubbed out exotica influences with more contemporary club foundations.

The World of Pelace is on for opening duties and acts as an introduction to the rest of the release. Percussion samples meet digital landscapes and echoing effects on a smooth fly to a distant island, over a volcano and then straight to a wild beach. Put on sunscreen children!

Middle track Coral Sequence is the one we are premiering today. I hope you have not forgotten your scuba equipment because it’s time to go for a dive. Swim deep in the rhythm and explore long melodic synth lines layering on top of each other. The percussions make for  strong 80’s vibe throughout the title track, it’s all about that dolphin life man.

Closing the three acts, Rare Birds has us getting all dried up and exploring the nearest jungle at moonlight. At the heart of it you find, lured by a trove of sound FXs and pad voicing, a heavily electro-inspired bassline and a mean drum pattern in a dense and moist atmosphere. Of course you start to dance, close your eyes, and then wake up by the gentle touch of the sun. It’s the morning, only the bird songs remain…

You can already buy the EP on Bandcamp.